Steel City Gamerz Mobile Game Truck takes video game excitement to a different level. Our Luxurious Mobile Game Theater on wheels has 5 Large HD TVs, all the latest gaming systems including Wii U, Xbox One, PS4 and Xbox 360! With over 100 video game titles we provide gaming entertainment for all ages!

Here is a brief post on how to get started with Facebook Live. Now you can show your Facebook community how much fun a video game party is with Steel City Gamerz!

Facebook now allows you to share your favorite moments with a feature called Facebook Live. What better way to show family and friends what’s going on in your life with a live streaming video!

Here are a few photos to get you started. CLICK HERE for a more detailed description on what Facebook Live has to offer.

From your home page CLICK ON POST.

Facebook Live 1



Next select the icon that appears below.

facebook live 2


Now you will select your camera preference, give your video a description and then select GO LIVE!!

facebook live 3


“This was the best party ever! The gaming truck is clean and spacious, and the kids had an awesome time! Brad was great and took care of everything. If your kids love to play video games this is the party to have.”


“Our kids LOVED the game truck!! Brad was very nice and helped the kids so much!! We will definitely be doing this again for birthdays!!! Thank you again!!!”


“We had 24 kids ages ranging from 7-12 and every single one had an amazing time. I HIGHLY recommend it. Brad was so great to work with, he communicated very well, and was fantastic with the kids! If you have a bigger group of kids like I did, you will be pleasantly surprised by the price instead of something like JumpZone or Chuckie Cheese. Definitely check it out!”