The wait is finally over Rocket League is now available on Xbox One!Those of you who own a Playstion 4 have had the pleasure of enjoying a video game called Rocket League. The object of the game is to drive custom built vehicles and knock a soccer ball into the opposing teams goal. It may not sound to exciting but I tell you what its a lot of fun!

Being the owner of Steel City Gamerz we pride ourselves on bringing the latest in gaming entertainment throughout Pittsburgh and the surrounding area. Whether we are hosting a childs birthday party, Corporate Event or a Community Fair we get involved into what the kids enjoy. This video game was brought to my attention numerous times by kids of all ages. Its a super fun interactive game your family will enjoy and with a $20 price tag it wont break the bank!

Tired of the same birthday party ideas or maybe you are looking for a unique fundraiser for your church or school. Steel City Gamerz Mobile Game Truck is great for all ages and occasions!