Fortnite Birthday Party with Steel City Gamerz



Steel City Gamerz now offers the ultimate Pittsburgh Birthday Party idea!! Have you heard of Fortnite? Yes, we already knew the answer to that question…lol

Pittsburgh’s best Mobile Game Truck is now equipped to offer online gaming! Although our Game Truck can accommodate up to 20 guests we recommend a smaller group of 10-15 ABSOLUTE MAX due to Fortnite only being a 1 player game. Our goal is to create a easy birthday party experience for you the parent and have each child engaged in playing games with each other. In short, no child enjoys watching their friends play while sitting by themselves so please plan accordingly. 

Here is how it works. We wired up our already TOTALLY AWESOME game truck with CAT5 ethernet cables that connect to each television. Each cable runs into a separate router designed specifically for internet connection. We purchased a 200ft ethernet cable that will run from the designated router from our game truck into YOUR HOME router  for internet connectivity.

PLEASE understand some restrictions may apply. Some examples include length of cable ( It’s recommended to not exceed 200′ in length due to potential connection difficulties ) unexpected game updates and of course connection speeds/issues from your home router. 

Click HERE and inquire about having the ULTIMATE FORTNITE PARTY today!!