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Hello Everyone!

I would briefly like to introduce myself. My name is Brad Michaelson Owner of Steel City Gamerz. I grew up in BP the majority of my life minus my time away for the military. I have two wonderful kids! My daughter Sydney goes to NAMS and my son Tyler is in 1st grade at Memorial.

I enjoy incorporating them in business ideas/concepts and the importance of giving back when others are in a time of need. During these difficult times it can be hard for families to make ends meet. So, we would like to offer a FREE weekday Game Truck or Laser Tag party to a BP family in need. Moving forward this will be a yearly event!! A winner will be selected every March 31st so PLEASE help us and a BP family in need!


MEMBERS OF THE BLACK HAWK FAMILY RELIEF FUND: Please take a moment and share this LINK on your Facebook page, with a friend or family member in a time of need due to difficult times! Couple options: Share on your Facebook time line and/or copy this link and send it to yourself via text. This way it would be readily available if you cross paths with a family in need. Also, by clicking HERE you will be redirected to Steel City Gamerz Facebook page. Simply click the SHARE button on the bottom of the post.

FAMILY MEMBER IN NEED: Send a brief one or two paragraph explanation on why things are difficult for you and your families current situation.

Simply email your response to:

In the email subject enter: Black Hawk Family Relief Fund

I am going to have my daughter and son read through the entries received. Between the two of them they will determine the winner. PROMISE no strings attached just a simple way for my kids and I to give back to yours! Once winner is selected I will delete all entries and contact the family to set up a party date and time. If your son or daughters birthday has already passed this can be applied for next year.

Feel free to call me directly at 412-715-1709
Also, you can contact Amy or Brandon via Facebook with additional questions.

*Terms and conditions apply minus the cost

About: Black Hawk Family Relief Fund

Is a Bethel Park charitable group formed to provide outreach into our community during times of hardship. Inquiries about events and volunteering can be made to

Donations accepted through PayPal at:

Are you a local Bethel Park citizen look for help in a time of need? Click HERE to be redirected to the Black Hawk Family Relief Application Form.

Are you a Bethel Park resident and have a interest in joining the Blackhawk Family Relief Fund? Whether your a BP family in need or would like to volunteer simply click HERE and you will be redirected to their Facebook support page.


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