Fortnite Birthday Party with Steel City Gamerz



Steel City Gamerz now offers the ultimate Pittsburgh Birthday Party idea!! Have you heard of Fortnite? Yes, we already knew the answer to that question…lol

Pittsburgh’s best Mobile Game Truck is now equipped to offer online gaming! Although our Game Truck can accommodate up to 20 guests we recommend a smaller group of 10-15 ABSOLUTE MAX due to Fortnite only being a 1 player game. Our goal is to create a easy birthday party experience for you the parent and have each child engaged in playing games with each other. In short, no child enjoys watching their friends play while sitting by themselves so please plan accordingly. 

Here is how it works. We wired up our already TOTALLY AWESOME game truck with CAT5 ethernet cables that connect to each television. Each cable runs into a separate router designed specifically for internet connection. We purchased a 200ft ethernet cable that will run from the designated router from our game truck into YOUR HOME router  for internet connectivity.

PLEASE understand some restrictions may apply. Some examples include length of cable ( It’s recommended to not exceed 200′ in length due to potential connection difficulties ) unexpected game updates and of course connection speeds/issues from your home router. 

Click HERE and inquire about having the ULTIMATE FORTNITE PARTY today!!



Laser Tag Pricing in Pittsburgh, PA


Looking for laser tag pricing in Pittsburgh, PA? Are you searching for the best laser tag places in Pittsburgh? Well look no further. Steel City Gamerz Mobile Laser Tag Party come to you!! We set up our Mobile Laser Tag battlefield in your back or front yard! 

Maybe you need a new idea for girls scouts, boy scouts, school fundraisers, team building and corporate events or simply book us for next year’s neighborhood block party! 

Here are some local party locations we travel to. Robinson Township pa, Moon Township pa, Baldwin pa, Bethel Park pa, South park pa, Upper St. Clair pa, Mount Lebanon pa, Peters Township pa, Venetia pa, Washington pa, Wexford pa, Cranberry Township pa, Jefferson Hills pa, Canonsburg pa and MORE!! 

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Steel City Gamerz has partnered with Glazed & Confused Doughnut shop located in Washinton, Pa. Looking for a new birthday party idea for your son or daughter? Not enough parking space for our Mobile Video Game Truck at your home? Maybe you rather not have 20 screaming kids running around your house. Why not have your birthday party event hosted at Glazed & Confused.

This ice cream shop isn’t your average dairy stand! Try one of their AMAZING icecream doughnuts.  They also offer ice cream scoops, cones, milkshakes and more!

Have your birthday party event a t Glazed & Confused and get the best of both worlds. Try one of the most glorious doughnut ice cream sandwiches your eyes have ever laid upon and Pittsburgh’s Best Mobile Game Truck Birthday Party that takes video game entertainment to another level!!


Glazed & Confused is offering 20% off regular menu prices.


Feel free to contact us anytime with questions.

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Glazed & Confused Birthday Party Idea Washington, PA

Pittsburgh’s Video Game Rental Truck | School Fundraising | Graduation Party Ideas


Pittsburgh’s best Video Game Rental Truck comes to you! Consider us for Graduation Party Ideas, Summer Camps and School Fundraising. Steel City Gamerz has the hottest new idea for your next corporate event or team-building exercises! A fully-loaded Video Game Truck comes to your location and our Game Coach keeps the organization out of your hands. Just sit back and enjoy with no travelling and no clean-up. Steel City Gamerz has a wide range of games that are great for any age! From children’s birthday party ideas to bachelor parties we provide the best corporate event idea in Pittsburgh! Steel City Gamerz is Pittsburgh’s best Video Game Party Rental and has the perfect party starter as well as a great solution for a multitude of special and corporate events. A Video Game Truck can offer a multitude of activities to 100 people or more! Rotating tournament play allows dozens of people to join in the fun in a tournament style or open play can allow people to come and go in a series of smaller games. Call Steel City Gamerz experts for more ideas! Here are just a few ideas for events that a Video Game Truck is perfect for… Corporate and Team Building, Company Parties, Kids Parties, School Fundraisers, Charity Events, Summer Camps, Graduation Parties, Church Fundraisers, Festivals and Carnivals, Tournaments, Customer & Employee Appreciation and Bar & Bat Mitzvahs. Make sure to ask Steel City Gamerz about our fundraising ideas and solutions! For more information on the best game bus party in pittsburgh contact us at




Steel City Gamerz is aware of numerous websites that offer Video Game Parties in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and beyond that are not on the up and up with their practices. These scammers normally use websites with city names in them and do not own or run any video game trucks of their own. They will take your booking and your money for much more than the normal booking price, then try to find someone to cover your party. When they cannot find someone to cover your party, they will not call you, you will have no one show up and they will blame someone else for backing out when you call. You will have to fight them to get your money back and they will try to say it’s this or that companies fault. These companies have targeted several types of businesses in the past including skydiving and other thrill sports.


HIGH RATES: These companies will charge you 2 or 3 times the regular booking price. Click here for our rates.

BACKGROUND NOISE: These companies use call centers. If you hear a lot of background noise be EXTREMELY cautious!!

OWNER: Ask to speak with the owner. If you google (my name) you will see references linking Steel City Gamerz to our local community. I take time to speak with each and every booking we receive. We are dedicated in providing great customer service from start to finish!!

ASK QUESTIONS: These companies DO NOT own a Mobile Game Truck and are not affiliated with us. Click here for more information about Steel City Gamerz Mobile Game Truck. Customers have mentioned to me that they book parties on our behalf which is NOT TRUE.

SOCIAL MEDIA: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Google + are great ways to showcase what our business has to offer. Ask for links to any of their social media sites. Again, these companies are in no way affiliated with Steel City Gamerz.

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Dominic DiCecco, Civil Investigator, Consumer Protection Unit

“Thank you for the email and the information. I will attach your email to our files. If you receive complaints from consumers, please feel free to refer them to our office so we can make a record of their complaint. Here is the link to our online complaint form: The number to our complaint intake line is 404-651-8600.”

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Brad Michaelson, Owner
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