Steel City Gamerz Hosted Party Locations

Interested in a Steel City Gamerz video game party but, concerned you don’t have enough room?  Not enough parking space for our amazing Mobile Game Theater?

Have a Hosted Party!

This is ideal if you live in an apartment complex, town home community or a small side street with little parking.

We have made some special arrangements with local businesses to provide you with a convenient location to host your video game birthday party. We bring our amazing Gaming Truck to their facility, and you get the best of both worlds…great food for your guests, and an awesome video game party!

Our Host Locations may have minimum food orders for you to purchase in order to hold your video game party there. This helps them insure they cover their costs.

West Mifflin, PA.




Buffalo Wild Wings

9996 Mountain View Dr.

West Mifflin, Pa. 15122



Visit Buffalo Wild Wings Website here

Visit their Facebook Page here





Finleyville, PA.



Girl Friday Cooking Co.

3540 Washington Ave.

Finleyville, PA. 15332



Visit Girl Friday Cooking Co. website here

Visit their Facebook Page here




Oakdale, PA




The Pub at Tonidale

7001 Steubenville Pike

Oakdale, PA. 15071


Visit The Pub at Tonidale Website here

Visit their Facebook Page here

PLEASE NOTE: During the winter months of December-April The Pub at Tonidale will be unavailable due to potential winter travel conditions.




Brentwood, PA



Pizza Hut 

70 Towne Square Way, 

Pittsburgh, PA 15227


Visit Pizza Hut’s Website here

Visit their Facebook Page here





Are you a local business that would be interested in joining with us to host parties at your location?
If so, please send us an Email to
and we will get back to you a soon as we can.
We would love to have you on our page!

Requirements to be a Hosted Location:

  • Enough space to park our rig ( Truck & Trailer 60ft )
  • Enough seating capacity for 16-20+ guests
  • Food service is preferred but not required
  • Desire to bring in new customers

What Steel City Gamerz will do for FREE:

  • List you on our website (no more than 2 per municipality)
  • Promote you to customers looking for a party location in your area
  • Attempt to bring new customers to your location

Steel City Gamerz LLC holds no responsibility for any incidents occurring and/or cannot be held liable for any injury or illness as a result of having your party at any of these locations.  Steel City Gamerz LLC. only offers these locations as an option for customers who prefer not to have the parties at their homes and has no input into the way they (the host locations) do business.